Quality policies

In TECNIPACK SAC we are committed to manufacture products that exceed customer expectations through the continuous improvement of our processes, and introducing innovations to achieve competitive advantage under the guidelines of Quality Management System.



TECNIPACK SAC accepts responsibility for the complete satisfaction of both, the stated needs of its customers, as well as with the implicit ones, guiding us to achieve our quality objectives. We exercise this responsibility through the adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, total commitment to meet and exceed  customer´s  requirements while maintaining a company culture that promotes continuous improvement.


Our mission is to provide the best products that meet the current and future customer requirements by optimizing the use of available resources and the joint work of all our staff  in an environment of trust, respect and constant learning. Being a participatory member of our industry, our community and our country.


Our vision is to achieve leadership in the market for the products and services we provide and reach success, based on the ability to face new challenges as an opportunity to excel finding innovative solutions to the challenges.