Who are we?


Tecnipack S.A.C.  is an industrial company that began operations in 1991. Our main item is the manufacture of packaging and thermoformed plastic interior. Our production lines are: Disposable packaging, mainly used in food and pastries areas, such as packaging for cakes, pies, cupcakes, vegetable and fruit salads, desserts, etc. Thermoformed Interiors for pharmaceutical laboratories, cosmetic laboratories, perfumery, chocolate shops, bazaar, gifts, etc. We also provide services in Blister and Shrink packaging systems, using heat-sealing and high frequency systems. We also have a production area for POP advertising and promotional material, such as: slates, posters, stickers (flat and thermoformed), gondolas and headboard exhibitors, eye catchers, magnetic printed advertising, thermoformed displays and dispensers, etc. We have areas for the design, development and manufacture of molds and dies, which can meet the needs of our customers in a professional and appropriate way, customizing each new development. We are equipped with modern facilities, machinery and infrastructure necessary to meet the highest standards of quality and high production.
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    Participate in an important way in the development, production and marketing of disposable packaging in Peru.
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    Supply the domestic and international market with high quality packaging, offering personalized service and competitive prices.
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    • Customer orientation.
    • Innovation.
    • Honesty.
    • Leadership.
    • Service.
    • Efficiency.
    • Responsibility.
    • Commitment.